Skill Wars

Skill WarsNational Best Seller!
Skill Wars, Winning the Battle
for Productivity and Profit.

Publisher: Butterworth/Heinemann

Skill Wars clearly explains  the interrelationship between investing in technology and investing in people. It shows how to increase productivity and profit through human capital development.
Skill Wars shows how to accurately measure training's ROI (Return-on-Investment) by introducing a Nine-Step ROI Worksheet.
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This title provides business case studies that show how quality training can deliver better skills and foster the development of employee critical competencies. From across America and the world Skill Wars gathers examples of realistic career-education programs based on business-education cooperation that are preparing the next generation of workers.

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What The Critics Are Saying About Skill Wars!

"Gordon has done an excellent job of putting the problems together.... Unlike many books ... that just identify problems, this one goes further by giving examples of ... what systems worked." 

-Robert Howell
Journal of Industrial Teacher Education

"A vital book for our times....You will bob your head up and down in agreement as you read this book. You'll also shake your head in disbelief and amazement as you realize how far behind we are - how much remains to be done. Gordon cites the numbers, concentrating on the ROI: the Return-on-Investment in building skills and capacity....The pages are packed with information....More people need to read this book. Now."

-Roger Herman, author
Impending Crisis,

"If you are a member of upper management, we predict you will find Ed's insight and precise methodology enormously enlightening."

-Joseph H. Boyett & Jimmie T. Boyett, co-authors
The Guru Guide,

"This is the book every employee would love to have his/her employer read. Just as important, virtually every worker, regardless of profession, would love to see concepts from this tome implemented at the workplace....A powerful, surprisingly easy-to-read book that's simply a must for anyone in business today."

Harvey Star

"Hailed by business leaders and forward-looking educators alike, this provocative new book addresses the disparity between available jobs and trained workers -- concluding that our college-at all costs mentality gravely threatens our economy and cheats our students. The solution? Redoubled emphasis on career and technical education, curriculum integration, computer literacy and teacher technology education."

-Association for Career & Technical Education

"Whatever our product or service, a trained workforce is the key to victory. If you need convincing, read Ed Gordon's Skill Wars. If you're already convinced, read it for the new tools it gives you to measure the impact of your training efforts on the bottom line."

-Paul J. Miller, Senior Partner
Sonnenschein, Nath, & Rosenthal

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