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"Winning the Global Talent Showdown"

"Today's Employment and Career Challenges: Renewing the Vision"

"The Job Front Is Here!"

"Recruit, Engage, Retain"

"Rebuilding the Jobs Pipeline: Mobilizing Regional Talent Innovation Networks"

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Presented by an inspiring expert professional speaker, author, researcher and knowledgeable business leader who...

  • Explores the future - He draws on extensive personal business experience and leading-edge research to challenge people to think about innovations for today and business success for tomorrow.
  • Delivers with humor powerful messages that offer audiences a definite reality check, supported by ideas for greater business productivity and better leadership.

Hear or Watch an Ed Gordon Presentation

  • View his keynote presentation at the 2010 IEEE-USA annual meeting.
  • Hear his keynote address to the New North Summit in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.
  • View a podcast of his speech to the FutureForce Summit in Burlington, Canada.

"Winning the Global Talent Showdown"

In the midst of widespread unemployment, the U.S. and world economies still have a shortage of skilled talent. Increasingly complex technology continues to set a breakneck pace of change. In industrial nations the large-baby boomer cohort is aging and moving into retirement. Succeeding generations have decidedly different views on work-life culture and overall are less well-educated, particularly in technical areas. In Japan, Korea, and many European nations, populations and workforces are shrinking significantly. Even India's and China's massive populations cannot produce enough qualified talent to meet the demands of their rapid economic development. Ed Gordon gives strategic workforce development case studies of how business people, educators, union leaders, government officials, parents, activists, and others are partnering through regional talent innovation networks to craft new education-to-employment systems for 21st-century technology-based economies. He offers audiences an optimistic message based on years of research and international consulting experience and shows how these "Gateways to the Future" are making current businesses more competitive and attracting new start-ups as well for economic growth over the next decade. (His book: Winning the Global Talent Showdown: How Businesses and Communities Can Partner to Rebuild the Jobs Pipeline)

"Today's Employment and Career Challenges: Renewing the Vision"

Experienced tech workers are retiring in the United States, and new skilled people are in short supply. "People can't find jobs and businesses can't find people." In these highly volatile times greater cooperation among businesses, educators, human development professionals, government agencies, and community groups is needed to craft new education-to-employment systems for 21st-century technology-based economies. Ed Gordon relates what businesses can do internally to master these issues and externally how regional talent innovation networks can form broader alliances of community partners to create new career and employment preparation systems that are responsive to local economic needs. He offers audiences an optimistic message based on years of research and international consulting experience though providing case studeis of how these community organizations are serving as America's "Gateways to the Future."  (His books: Winning the Global Talent Showdown: How Businesses and Communities Can Partner to Rebuild the Jobs Pipeline and The 2010 Meltdown: Solving the Impending Jobs Crisis)

"The Job Front Is Here!"

Regional workforce and economic development organizations are now searching for remedies to widespead unemployment. In 2005 Ed Gordon published research predicted a 2010 job and talent meltdown. Based on his latest book, he now shares his current ideas on trends in jobs and talent over the next decade. Ed explains how broad regional talent development networks are being established to better pool economic and professional resources in order to fill vacant jobs, create new jobs, and preserve a community's job base. He offers a blueprint based on best practices derived from case studies of community-based organizations that are successfully advancing on the job front. (His book: Winning the Global Talent Showdown: How Businesses and Communities Can Partner to Rebuild the Jobs Pipeline)

"Recruit, Engage, Retain"

The world is now experiencing a major labor-talent transition era. For many organizations talent management and talent development will become major sustainability issues. A global talent enigma is now being driven by a technology paradox, a population paradox, and a globalization paradox. Ed Gordon shares his compelling research explaining these challenges and why the traditional talent safety valves of the past 30 years can no longer be counted on to sustain many organizations. Gordon then furnishes case studies that reveal how leading-edge businesses from around the globe are addressing these talent sustainability issues. Finally, he offers action plans that any organization can adapt in the quest to win the global talent showdown. (His book: Winning the Global Talent Showdown: How Businesses and Communities Can Partner to Rebuild the Jobs Pipeline)

"Rebuilding the Jobs Pipeline: Mobilizing Regional Talent Innovation Networks"

Across the United States local communities and regions are establishing regional talent innovation networks to spearhead their economic growth and strategic workforce development. In this program Ed Gordon will show how businesses played a significant role in organizing successful talent networks. He will provide several model case studies and analyze how they can be adapted to meet local businees needs and community aspirations. Gordon offers audiences an optimistic message based on years of research and international consulting experience and shows how these "Gateways to the Future" can make current businesses more competitive and attract new start-ups as well for economic growth over the next decade. (His book: Winning the Global Talent Showdown: How Businesses and Communities Can Partner to Rebuild the Jobs Pipeline)

Other Non-Business Programs

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Ed Gordon's Presentation
Clients Include:

American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)
American Management Association (AMA)
Association of Legal Administrators (ALA)
Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois
Cable Television Human Resources Association
California Apprenticeship Council
Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce
The Conference Board (U.S.)
The Conference Board of Canada
Crossroad Workforce Investment Board
Delaware Department of Labor
Delaware State Chamber of Commerce
Eugene (OR) Area Chamber of Commerce
First Coast Real Estate Association
Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce
Halton Industry Education Council
Household International
Human Capital Institute
Institute for International Research
International Federation of Employee Benefit Plans
International Society for Performance Improvement
Jacksonville Community Council, Inc.
The Kaiser Group
Kentuckiana Works
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories
Minnesota Professional Association of Computer Training
Missouri Governor's Conference
National Association of Workforce Development Professionals
National Conference of State Legislators
National Council for Workforce Education
New York University
North American Die Casting Association
North Carolina Department of Commerce
Palm Beach County Workforce Alliance
Penn State University
Pennsylvania Partners
Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce
Softbanks Technology Forum
St. Louis Regional Commerce & Growth Association
Swiss Business Hub
Training Magazine Conference & Expo
University of Minnesota
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Valve Manufacturers Association of America
Vancouver Board of Trade
Workforce Institute of Lorain County
Workforce Plus
World Future Society

Here's what people say about his programs:

"Your keynote address at our State of the Workforce: 2010 event hit the mark. Your presentation was timely, relevant and held the interest of our diverse audience of business, education, and government leaders. Our board members in particular were engaged and lively follow up discussion continues."

Judy Begland, CEO
Opportunity Inc. of Hampton Roads

"Your presentation was superb, dynamic, engaging and drew enormous positive feedback from the members, their guest and staff."

Madlyn Daniel
Chair, Civic Affairs Society
University Club of Chicago

"Ed Gordon, President of Imperial Consulting, was a dynamic speaker on strategic workforce planning for a rapidly changing global economy."

South African Delegation
International Visitor Leadership Program


"The conference was a huge success thanks in large part to the session you presented; this is what the CEO's came to hear. . . You did your homework and customized your message."

Everett T. Shupe II
Learning Events Manager
Goodwill Industries International, Inc.

"Thank you for challenging us with a call to action at the IEEE_USA Annual Meeting. I really appreciated your enthsiasm and passion for this subject."

Nita Patel
2010 IEEE-USA Annual Meeting Chair


"Extraordinary delivery of information relevant to workforce development issues."

Patty Shortt, Coordinator
Waccamau South Carolina

Business-Economic Development Forum

"Your dinner speech was superb!"

Steve Leahy, President & CEO
Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce

 "Thank you again for leading a great group discussion for South Central Michigan Works last week. It was exciting to see the enthusiasm and passion in a room that was a nice croess-section of our community."

Roger Curtis, Board Member
South Central Michigan Works

"Reviews from guests at the luncheon indicate it was a very successful event. One of our long-time members and constant event attendees declared, "This was the best event JCCI has ever presented." This is truly high praise, given that JCCI audiences are not prone to displays of ebullience. . . . Your message and style of delivery worked wonderfully with the audience we had present. I can honestly say, "Don't change a thing."

Charles R. Cramer, Executive Director
Jacksonville Community Council, Inc.

Imperial Consulting Corporation

"Your remarkable presentation provided the information, hope, and motivation that will enable us to battle our way to a winning position."

Robert Zettler, Vice President
Workforce & Community Development
North Central College
Mansfield, Ohio

"We were highly impressed with your innovative ideas, researched knowledge, much needed wisdom and style of your presentation. . . The quality and delivery were great."

Jim McShane/President/CEO
Lake County (Indiana) Integrated Delivery Services

"Very insightful, very thought provoking - we need more of this"

Minnesota Professional Asssociation of Computer Training

"The attendees were very impressed with your presentation...are still commenting about your excellent and enthusiastic presentation style."

Jane A. Kerlagon
St. Louis Regional Commerce & Growth Association

"The entire team was very pleased with your presentation. The audience was receptive. Thank you for your passion, insight, and artful delivery."

Norman W. Gregory, Chairman
First Coast Real Estate Outlook Conference & Expo
Jacksonville, Florida

"Your presentation prepared and encouraged industry leaders to take their organizations to the next level and motivated them to maximize their potential in the face of a changing 21st century workforce. Feedback received from attendees was quite positive and comments indicated that your presentation 'hit the mark.'"

Linda Halliburton
Department Director
College of Continuing Education
University of Minnesota

Imperial Consulting Corporation

"Your outstanding programs are exiting, informative, and extremely well received by our visitors."

Sharon Maguire, President/Museum Director
Palm Springs Air Museum

"Your timely remarks, local emphasis, ardent voice, and knowledgeable coverage of the subject reinforced our research and gave credibility to our solution. Your national perspective, subject-matter expertise, and embrace of Bridge to Careers did much to move our partners from understanding to players."

Mike Metzler, President & CEO
Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce

 "I would like to extend my personal thanks for your enlightening, energetic, and informative keynote. I have received so many positive comments, 'exceptional, remarkable,' and 'surpassed all expectations.' "

Patricia L. Rickard, Executive Director

"Ed Gordon's superior facilitating skills at our annual Board of Directors Strategic Planning Meeting kept us on track to formulate some terrific new ideas and future action items."

Steve J. Bernas, President & CEO
Better Business Bureau of Chicago & Northern Illinois

"Ed is a visionary speaker. He is always slightly ahead of the times."

Peggy Luce, Vice President
Education & Workforce Training
Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce

"His presentation gives audiences a definite reality check"

Harry Perdew, President
Contract Training International

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