Media Milestones

October 15, 2010 - Students Aim for Success With a New View of Vocation School by Meribah Knight, The New York Times "...For the first time we have a younger generation coming up who are less prepared educationally for the world that we have created," said Edward Gordon, of Chicago, who wrote the book "Winning the Global Talent Showdown..."

September 20, 2010 - How to Make it by John Seabrook, The New Yorker

December 16, 2006 - Businesses Get Ready for the Labor Shortfall by Lynn Morrissey, The Wall Street Journal "...Beginning in 2008, the U.S. labor force will stop growing, which will mark the beginning of a generation-long trend, predicts Edward E. Gordon, author of The 2010 Meltdown: Solving the Impending Jobs Crisis (published in 2005)..."

December 1, 2010 - Chicago High School Prepares Students for Real-World Manufacturing Jobs, PBS Newshour "... ASH-HAR QURAISHI : Edward Gordon is a strategic workforce consultant who has written over a dozen books, including "Winning the Global Talent Showdown." He currently serves on the Chicago Renaissance Manufacturing Council's executive board..."

October 2, 2005 - Four Futures, All Without the Jetsons by Paul B. Brown, The New York Times "...Edward E. Gordon, president of the Imperial Consulting Corporation, focuses on the short term, and on only one part of it at that: the job market. His book's title explains clearly where he thinks we are heading: "The 2010 Meltdown"..."

February 4, 2000 - Ford employees to get computers by Earle Eldridge and Stephanie Armour, USA Today "..."I'm not impressed," says Ed Gordon, author of Skill Wars: Winning the Battle for Productivity and Profit..."

October 10, 2010 - Davis Guggenheim's documentary film, "Waiting for Superman," prominently features Edward E. Gordon's warning on the dire consequences of falling to reform America's current education system: "By the year 2020 there will be 123 million highly skilled, high-paying jobs but only 50 million Americans qualified to do them...."

December 11, 2005 - World is caught between old skills and high-tech needs by Edward E. Gordon, Chicago Tribune "Unfortunate convergence of economic factors points to a shortfall in trained employees..."

December 23, 2006 - How can America meet needs of business in high-tech age? by Edward E. Gordon, Chicago Sun-Times "Chicago has the enviable reputation as "the city that constantly reinvents itself..."

November 29, 1999 - Bean-counter mentality puts nation at risk by Michael Kinsman The San Diego Union-Tribune "Realizing that American business today is run by bean counters, Edward Gordon has decided to give them..."

August 29, 1993 - More training a positive sign by Jim Barlow Houston Chronicle "...Edward Gordon, the president of Imperial Corporate Training and Development of Oak Lawn, IL,. says European producers of high-tech machine tools tell him that there are some products they don't even try to sell in the United States..."

September 6, 2009 - Fix schools to get U.S. ready for future jobs by Thomas Frisbie Chicago Sun-Times "Edward E. Gordon has a good suggestion for those who want to improve education in Illinois: Tear up the enemies list. Now...."

September 8, 2013 - Global Economics: Book targets job crisis by Morris R. Beschloss Special to The Desert Sun "...Authored by highly respected and celebrated author, Dr. Edward E. Gordon, this book is not only informative, but presents cogent solutions..."

October 7, 2009 - It's Time to STEM Talent Void by Andrea Kay Pittsburgh Tribune-Review "...Referred to as STEM jobs, there simply aren't enough people with the skills and education these high-skill/high-wage jobs require, says Edward Gordon, author of Winning the Global Talent Showdown..."

January 1, 2010 - Job Meltdown or Talent Crunch? by Edward Gordon Training "During 2010, many economists expect U.S. unemployment to reach 10.5 percent. At least 15 million workers will be jobless..."

July 2007 - Retiring Retirement: Mastering the Workforce Generation Gap by Edward E. Gordon Benefits. Compensation Digest "... A 2010 workforce talent deficit is now in sight for most of the industrialized world. In the United States 79 million baby boomers will retire between 2010 and 2020. According to 2005 U.S. Census Bureau data, only 40 million members of Generations X and Y are set to replace them..."

February 13, 1987 - Booming Industry : Workers Get New Look at Three R's by Larry Green and Wendy Leopold Los Angeles Times ..."Before 1980 companies were not even willing to discuss compensatory training. They felt it was the responsibility of the public schools," says Edward E. Gordon, president of Imperial Corporate Training in Chicago"....

November 1, 1999 - The crucial link by George A. Clowes Chicago Sun-Times "Policymakers must reinvent American public education, and business leaders must invest in work force training and development if workers are to avoid becoming "the techno-peasants of the information age" in the 21st century, says Chicago management consultant Edward E. Gordon in a new book, Skill Wars: Winning the Battle for Productivity and Profit."

February 9, 1992 - Some of Japan's America bashing right on the mark Chicago Tribune ..."over tested strategies and programs to improve workers' skills in an increasingly complex labor market, of compelling general interest..."

June 15, 2013 - Retool and revitalize, by Edward Gordon "The Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce's remarkable collaborative job training program is a model for any community where workforce skills are mismatched with the market..."

September 2013 - The Future of Jobs and Careers by Edward E. Gordon. "Today's long-term jobs crisis is not about the current financial meltdown..."

March 2006 - Solving the Impending Job Crisis by Edward E. Gordon Execturibe matters "A unique combination of events - the accelerated rise of advanced technologies..."

March 2006 - The 2010 Crossroad by Edward E Gordon Executive matters "U.S. employers have yet to face up to the coming mismatch of skills, and jobs...."

May 10, 2005 - Medical staffing: Critical shortages on the horizon - Guest Editorial by Edward E. Gordon

September 1995 - Will America be part of the world education revolution? by Edward E. Gordon Workforce Training News "...Work Force Education TriadTM..."

July 1996 - Training Investments: The Global Perspective by Edward E. Gordon Technical & Skills Training "Corporate America has been on a diet..."

January/February 2005 - Smart worker deficit impacts Canadian economy by Edward E. Gordon Employee Benefits News Canada "In 2005 how will employers increase productivity and maintain a competitive workplace environment?...

September 2003 - Bridging the Gap by Edward E. Gordon Training "Experts predict there will soon be a smart-people gap as wide as the Mississippi River..."

The Top 10 ways to Position Your Company for Growth by Barbara Rose "In the world where complexity is growing as economic growth slows,..."

September 15, 2001 - Worker training portends another "Shawshank Redemption" in Ohio by Edward E. Gordon "...Ticketing IT time bomb..."

September-October 2009 - The Global Talent Crisis by Edward E. Gordon The Futurist "Contrary to popular opinion, there are plenty of open jobs..."

June 2010 - Talent Challenge: Renewing the Vision by Edward E. Gordon "The future of jobs, talent creation, and what the "cyber-mental age" will mean to everyone"

July 2006 - Balance Short-Term Profit With Long-Term Investment in Human Capital by Edward E. Gordon Benefits & Compensation Digest "...Most U.W. economists agree that making well-planned physical capital investments today,..."

November/December 2010 - The Job Revolution: Employment for Today and Tomorrow by Edward Gordon Techniques "In July 2010, more than 14 million Americans were unemployed..."

October 2000 - Investing in Human Capital: A Revolution Whose Time Has Come by Edward E. Gordon Managing Diversity "The floor on which American business has been standing for the past two decades has been tilting..."

March 2009 - The Technology Paradox: A Digital Economy Without a STEM Workforce? by Edward E. Gordon ieee USA today's engineer online

June 2011 - The Global Talent Mismatch by Eric Krell HR Magazine "... Edward Gordon describes the imbalance between talent supply and job requirements as an "HR talent tsunami,..."

June 2000 - Can America keep pace? Losing ground in the skill wars by Edward E. Gordon Employee Benefit News "From coast to coast, U.S. management is screaming, "Where can I find skilled workers?..."

July-August 2000 - Help Wanted: Creating Tomorrow's Work Force by Edward E. Gordon The Futurist "Thousands of good jobs in technical fields will go unfilled unless businesses and schools can do a better job of preparing students for the real needs of the future workplace."

November 1999 - Skill Wars book reviewed by George A. Glowes School Reform News "The setting sounds like science fiction, but Edward E. Gordon's new book, Skill Wars, is not about thome galaxy far, far away..."

December 1999 - New Human Capital Plan Needs STW Involvement School-to-Work Report "... Edward E. Gordon says in Skill Wars: Winning the Battle for Productivity and Profit..."

Spring 2007 - The Global Search for Talent: The China - U.S. Equation by Edward E. Gordon American Management Association "The United States and most of the developed world are now facing a subtle transitional era of powerful socioeconomic forces..."

October 1998 - Technology and Training by Edward Gordon, Ph.D. HR/OD American Management Association "Today, American industry isn't moving fast enough to keep up with the technology revolution. What's the solution? Training..."