Closing the Literacy Gap in American Business

Closing the Literacy Gap in American BusinessClosing the Literacy Gap in American Business
by Edward E. Gordon, Judith A. Ponticell, & Ronald R. Morgan
Publisher: Quorum/Greenwood

The authors present their perspectives on workplace literacy past, present, and future and describe how twenty-first-century technology produced America's "literacy gap." The book reviews strengths and weaknesses of current literacy programs, and discusses research on difficult employee literacy problems. Actual case studies describe Individualized Instructional Programs (IIP) for hourly workers, support staff, managers, and professionals. It includes a game plan on how to establish company "Work Force Education" policy and offers multi-level, cost justified programs. Finally, international responses to workplace literacy are considered, along with the development of employee literacy into the next century.


"A well-researched book [that]...offers tested strategies and programs to improve worker skills in an increasingly complex labor market. Of compelling general interest is the author's documentation of the current workforce literacy and skill crisis."

-Carol Kleiman
Chicago Tribune

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