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Book Clubs

Ed Gordon

Engage author-speaker Ed Gordon for you book club to lead off with a short provocative presentation that will prompt a lively discussion regarding the current state of the U.S. job market, how well education is preparing students for it, and job and career issues of today and the future. For people concerned about their children or grandchildren, college students considering career options, or unemployed/underemployed adults – all will learn facts about shaping the jobs revolution sweeping across the U.S. economy.

Discussion Groups

An executive briefing led by Ed Gordon can explore in depth how talent management will be a key lever shaping an organization’s or community’s future. Participants will gain insights on how the jobs and skills gap can be addressed in their organization or community. Corporate managers, non-profit executives, government leaders, and members of professional associations, community groups, or private clubs have all benefitted from lively discussion led by a masterful professional speaker, author, and jobs expert.

Sample Questions

Below are some sample questions for a book discussion exploring key issues in Future Jobs: Solving the Employment and Skills Crisis:

  1. Why have corporations, schools, and governments been so slow to move on the jobs crisis?
  2. Do you think Future Jobs' solutions to the jobs and skills crisis are workable?
  3. Why do millions of jobs go unfilled when so many people remain unemployed or underemployed?
  4. Why can’t we import qualified workers to handle these jobs or outsource our way out of it?
  5. How can government, education, business, and non-profits work together to stave off the growing job skills gap?
  6. Are there models of success that have embraced the RETAINs approach that Future Jobs advocates?
  7. Was the Great Recession a game changer for the labor landscape?
  8. If you were advising parents of teenagers, which fields of study would you recommend they encourage their children to pursue?
  9. Has our society fully confronted the structural alterations to the economy as we’ve transitioned from agrarian to industrial to information technology-based?
  10. How are the changing demographics of America impacting the job market?
  11. What businesses or organizations do you think face the greatest threat of talent shortages now and at the end of this decade?
  12. How do we help overcome the objections of business to train their workers?
  13. Ed Gordon

    Ed Gordon carefully tailors these book discussion events to center upon the issues and solutions that are most pertinent to each specific audience. He will also conduct a book signing as part of every program.

    The publishers of Ed Gordon's books will provide a significant discount for the group purchase of the title to be discussed

    Please Contact Us to inquire about scheduling a book discussion event. You won't be disappointed!