The 2010 Meltdown

The 2010 MeldtownFeatured in the Sunday New York Times!
The 2010 Meltdown:
Solving the Impending
Jobs Crisis.
Publisher: Praeger

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The 2010 Meltdown issues a wake-up call to overcome the twin economic shocks of baby-boomer retirements and too few younger well-educated people. It details how these trends are creating a labor vacuum in a rising tide of high-skill, technology-related jobs.

  • Offers companies outsourcing alternatives
  • Spells out solutions to filling high-tech jobs
  • Provides answers for finding tomorrow's high-wage careers


The 2010 Meltdown marshals vast amounts of data to illustrate the potentially disastrous consequences of these issues for economic competitiveness and individual opportunity.

The 2010 Meltdown reveals that while parents and students are obsessed with technology, millions of high-paying jobs in engineering, computing, and health care are going unfilled.

The 2010 Meltdown challenges Wall Street's cultural obsession with short-term returns that results in cost-cutting rather than long-term training and education.

The 2010 Meltdown details solutions in community development, training, and education from around the world as models for positive action.

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"Gordon, business and education consultant, challenges policy makers to address the anticipated shortage of highly educated and technically trained workers.... He describes a cultural lag that has led to "techno-peasants" who drop out of high school, have outdated career skills, and seem destined for low-paying jobs, and a business environment that focuses too much on short-term profits, outsourcing, and importing temporary workers. To produce a more educated and technically skilled workforce, he recommends a cultural change in which parents are more involved in their children's education. He also discusses how community involvement in education can be enhanced with the development of NGOs that involve businesses in local community organizations such as chambers of commerce and service clubs to guide students to new careers... The 2010 Meltdown is especially useful for business professionals, policy makers, and educators. Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduate through professional collections."

Choice, March 2006

"Ed Gordon, a business author whose books are filled with examples, illustrations, and explanations that flow from extensive research, has done it again. In this thought-provoking book, Gordon lays out the critical situation employers will face - do face - in finding and holding employees who have the education and training to get the job done.... You can open this book to practically any page and be instantly drawn into the story.... Gordon brings this issue to life. Recommended for business leaders, educators, human resource professionals, politicians, and enlightened citizens who are dedicated to making a difference for the generations that will follow us."
                     Library Bookwatch/Midwest Book Review

"You can benefit from reading The 2010 Meltdown by Edward Gordon if you:

Recruit and manage employees.
Care about your child's career preparation.
Are an educator or policy-maker concerned about our country's economic future.
Want to counter the growing divide between the haves and the have-nots.

... "Despite some of the bleak findings and comments, Gordon's book is hopeful. He calls for action to avoid a major meltdown in our work force and describes model programs involving partnerships between educators, employers and community organizations that pave the way for others who want to work for change." (See complete Review)

Margo Frey
Milwaukee Sentinel

"Ed Gordon's latest book, The 2010 Meltdown, builds off his earlier success, Skill Wars, and makes a convincing case that organizations failing to be proactive to help create a skilled labor pool may very well face their own demise in the long term."

Richard Melson
Chambridge Forecast Group

"Whether you work in a business, service sector, non-profit organization, governmental agency, or school setting, Gordon's book prompts critical thinking about where we are headed and what we need to be both discussing and taking action upon in order to prevent a 2010 meltdown of our workforce and our economy.

Jana Kemp
Idaho Press-Tribune

Comments on The 2010 Meltdown:

"A realistic and optimistic view of the demand for/supply of talent....This book is loaded with facts and insights."

Yvette Borcia & Gerry Sterns
Sterns & Associates 

"Ed Gordon's latest book, The 2010 Meltdown, builds off his earlier success, Skill Wars, in giving the smart reader a 'nine-one-one' emergency wake-up call to the widening gap between unfilled 'Help Wanted' jobs and a workforce unfit for hire.

In his latest book, the author goes beyond the tsunami-like workplace crisis building at the 2010 threshold and spotlights promising solutions. Gordon makes it clear that the 'knowledge worker' will be in demand. The question is, 'Will there be enough knowledge workers to meet the demand?'

The 2010 Meltdown is a must read for community leaders looking to understand this paradigm shift. The author makes a convincing case that those organizations failing in the foresight and fight necessary to make the shift will begin to disappear along with low-skilled jobs."

Michael Metzler
Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce

"Read it and spread its call. The data is devastating; the problem clear. We simply aren't educating or training for today's world. Unless we wake up and begin to act now, our economy will inevitably slide and, over time, even our democratic system may be threatened. The solution? Ed Gordon tell us that it does not lie with government-national or local-alone, or business alone, or community action alone, or family alone. It requires what he sees as a change of culture: we must mobilize the energies of all of these elements to stop and reverse the meltdown. We can. But will we?"

Paul J. Miller
Senior Partner
Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal

"The 2010 Meltdown strikes a much needed chord for a culture change in schools and the way we value young people. Schools must become responsive to the real world. There is time to accomplish change, but is there the political will?"

Joan M. Klaus
Illinois College Access Network

"Thoroughly researched. Tightly written. This painfully realistic view of tomorrow's global workforce is provocative, instructive, and hopefully stimulating. An urgent must-read for senior executives, human resource professionals, political leaders, and progressive educators. Learn, be challenged, be inspired. It's all here!"

Roger E. Herman
CEO, The Herman Group
Author of Impending Crisis

"As always, you are right on the money. There is much to learn from every page."

Robert B. Zettler
Vice President
Workforce & Community Development
North Central State College
Mansfield, Ohio

"The 2010 Meltdown predicts that a major business culture shift is underway to balance short-term profit taking with long-term human capital development. Gordon suggests how to measure ROI on human capital investments and why employee training, development and education at all levels will be essential for business innovation and, therefore, business survival."

Peggy Luce
Vice President
Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce

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